Yume 2kki Locations

Home Within Nowhere

Sometimes the light becomes overwhelming. There is nothing behind the door. But we build a home anyways, simply because there is nothing else we can do.

A screenshot of the game Yume 2kki, in the area Home Within Nowhere. The area is a stairwell area with bookcase and plants. The window shows only pure white light. The area is calm and peaceful.


Nexus -> Marijuana Goddess World -> Color Cubes World -> FC Caverns -> Home Within Nowhere

It's really not a secret that this is my favorite Yume 2kki world of all time. A lot of qxy's maps are quite popular and for good reason, but I find that Home Within Nowhere is relatively underappreciated compared to Rainy Apartments and Virtual City. The atmosphere of this map is both soothing and unsettling. It is a home, but it is not yours. The void encloses you but does not deign to come any closer, embracing. Shimako has long since left, her backpack slung haphazardly onto the floor and hat left abandoned on its stand. But there's a love in it, and the use of the word 'home' in the title really reinforces that... someone was here. Someone loved this house, this home. It's really a masterpiece of emotion in my opinion.

Travel Hotel

A respite for the weary dreamer. Sink deeper. Rest your head on the pillow. The television bids goodnight with weather forecasts and late-night comedy, trailing softly, static. Comfort is our priority. Sleep well, Urotsuki.

A screenshot of the game Yume 2kki, in the area Travel Hotel. The area is a series of stacked, overgrown balconies. Urotsuki sits on a bench next to a vending machine on one of the balconies and sips on a can of soda, content.


Nexus -> Toy World -> Zodiac Fortress -> FC Caverns B -> Hidden Garage -> Travel Hotel

This world is so comfortable and melancholic. The plethora of vending machines makes this a great world for snack collectors. The dark and empty corridors really evoke the feeling of being a child in a hotel late at night, perhaps following your parent to the ice machine with an exhaustion but at the same time a sense of novelty and wonder. The lighting on the interior of the hotel suggests nighttime with its dimmed browns and empty casino, but the balconies are displayed in broad daylight. This is reminiscent of the time-bending effects of real motels, no?

Gentle Meadows

Wind rustles through the grass and up your spine. There is an excitement here, a welcome party for nobody in particular. You watch a tree in the distance smile and sway, inviting you to sit and listen. You listen, and you learn.

A screenshot of the game Yume 2kki, in the area Gentle Meadows. The area is a sunlit grassy field rendered in simple detail. There are four creatures sitting on a picnic blanket on the right of the screen, surrounded by colorful pennants and stones.


I do like this world but man is it confusing to navigate. It's my new go-to for sitting and idling, I think. It's just a shame the pathway cuts off so short, I think it really could be the new Rainy Apartments route if it were any longer. What a beautiful world-- and some super tricky graphics tricks too! The ripples in the grass are actually a panorama behind transparent tiles. Super cool.