About Me

I have many names depending on who you ask, but Jes is usually what people call me. I use he/him pronouns and nongender or masculine terms. I am a loveless aro, autism haver, relationship anarchist, discount philosopher, and many other things as multitudinous beings tend to be.

I have a lot of random hobbies and interests such as baking, cooking, various arts, linguistics, web design (who would have thought), science fiction, computers and robots, tabletop gaming, horticulture... and so on. Medias I am currently enjoying include Yume 2kki and other YNFGs, Ace Attorney, Time to Orbit: Unknown, and Reflection. You can find links to some of these in the 'Links' section of this website if interested.

I do not have much in the way of social media. You can find me on tumblr at a nebulous url that I will not be giving out here, and on YNOProject as thefool. I am also now on SpaceHey at https://spacehey.com/zipfiandistribution.

I'll put something here probably.