Interesting Links

Media, Shows, Etc.

Yume Nikki Online Project

Play Yume Nikki, Yume 2kki, .flow, and other YNFGs for free, with saves, fully translated into English (and other languages). Mobile support included!

Time To Orbit: Unknown on Derin Edala's Website

A queernorm sci-fi serial web novel about prisoners' rights, mystery both murder and otherwise, and how privilege affects space travel.


Website Accessibility Checker

Check your site's screen reader and low-vision accessibility easily.

When Is Good?

This web-based program makes scheduling events with people in different time zones extremely easy. Ideal for tabletop or other club organizers.


A free online photo editor that provides interesting effects such as scanlines/CRT screen effects, glitch effects, etc.

Sleep Time Calculator by Sleepopolis

This calculator does two things: Determines the best time to go to sleep from when you need to wake up, based on REM cycles; and determines when the best time to wake up is if you sleep at the current time, also based on REM cycles. I swear this is magic and I never really feel groggy in the mornings when I use it.


Zipf's law of abbreviation on Wikipedia

My favorite linguistics law :)

Sea Slug Forum

This forum has an alphabetized list of hundreds of sea slug species along with informational articles.


Is Arg0s Dead?

Well you know