Commission Information

Terms and Conditions


I am rather lax about pricing. In general, no commission will cost more than 30 USD at most. A simple shaded bust will cost around 10 dollars. A shaded full-body illustration will cost around 20 dollars. However, you may pay whatever you would like. The price is merely a suggestion based on my own valuation.

Peripheral Services

I provide some services other than character illustrations. I will draw reference sheets and design characters based on some verbal or visual guidance with no special conditions. I will do graphic design or logo design work with the expectation that, while I have some experience, I am not a graphic designer and might produce lower-quality results. I can also make sticker, pin, phone wallpaper, etc designs with no special conditions. If you are not sure about a request, please ask anyways.

Where to Contact

I have a "business" e-mail which you can find at for all clients offline or online. However, I rarely check this e-mail and may not get your request right away. If you are an online-only client you may contact me via any means you already have, ideally Discord. If you are an offline-only client please contact me via text or personal e-mail.

A Note on Payment via Charitable Donation

Before you pay in this manner, please alert me as to which charity or organization you are donating to. I will not provide service in response to donations to organizations I consider harmful, bigoted, or corrupt. For a list of suggested organizations, please see the list below.